Book Design

Greenwood Folklore Handbook Series samples

In the role of designer and workflow developer, a monograph design project for Greenwood Press was assigned to me. The layout was to be easy to read, with a “touch of whimsy” for the subject matter. After design review and approval, I created the templates that were used by offshore production teams, along with relevant style and workflow guides.
Specifications: Monograph (folklore), 200 pages, 1 color, 6” x 9”

Practical Ophthalmology Design Samples

The American Academy of Ophthalmology requested a redesign of this instruction and diagnostic book for the fourth edition textbook for graduate students. As the lead designer my objective was to create a clean, yet colorful layout for the interior pages. The design was approved by the customer with few changes.
Specifications: Textbook/college (medical), 352 pages, 4 color, 7” x 10”

University of Wisconsin Chap Book Project

The University of Wisconsin Alumni association held a writing contest for students. The prize was for their piece to be designed and printed 500 times for their portfolio. I was given the resources of our company to design both the short story and poetry piece. Skirmish used a blue stock for the cover with a hand stamp in silver. The cover for Water Falling Twice was a sticker output on a color printer and placed by hand.

Exercise Rehabilitation brochure, Wisconsin Chiropractic Association

The Wisconsin Chiropractic Association routinely sent out direct mail brochures to Chiropractors for continuing education programs. I designed this brochure and handled all pricing, bidding, and scheduling details with the printer.

StageQ 2007 Season brochure

As publicity chair for StageQ, a Madison based community theater group, I was tasked with designing the brochure for the 2007 season along with a poster for the lobby of the theater. The brochure was a two sided, three-fold piece. The poster was printed at a larger than standard format, 3′ by 6′