Technical Design

Foundations of Education

The American Foundation for the Blind asked for this book to be coded into XML, and then have a XLST style sheet designed to generate HTML on the fly. I wrote the style sheet and XML DTD. I was required to work with both their editors and technical personal to accomplish their specifications.
XSLT Style sheet (download)
XML converted to HTML

Integrated Indexing at Impressions, Inc.

A new way of indexing was required for books that are printed multiple times or in multiple designs. I was part of a three person team that developed this process. I was the technical coordinator and the other two members were the lead indexer and a programmer.

The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing

Columbia University Press contacted our company’s president (Bill Kasdorf) to write and typeset “the definitive guide to digital publishing”. I assisted with file coding and DTD writing, as well as led the team that developed the digital examples used to demonstrate the concepts explained in the book. Myself, along with our electronic publishing team was called out in the acknowledgements (see page iv below).
Specifications: Reference guide (publishing), 816 pages, 1 color, 6” x 9”

The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing – Google Books

The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing Columbia University Press –